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Tuesday I went to the Republican caucus for Snohomish County Council District 1. It was not the most useful of events.

The purpose of the caucus is to select delegates to the convention in June, where the county party will select its candidates for the County Council. Useless point #1: we already know it is going to be incumbent John Koster in District 1. Useless point #2: almost everyone who showed up was a PCO, which means they are automatic delegates to the convention anyway.

So on the two most important things, this was useless. However, we also picked up a few new PCOs and other delegates from the attendees who were not already PCOs, so that's useful (not to snipe, but apparently, the King County Democrats are only allowing PCOs in to the convention, while the GOP in King and Snohomish are allowing any citizens to participate, just like the normal party caucus, as long as they only participate with the GOP party system during the election season).

Further, this is a trial run for next year, when we will likely be doing this "for real" in the '06 elections. Plus, the symbolism is good: this is our party, and we will choose the candidate that bears our name.

Thursday I went to the campaign kickoff for another Republican incumbent on the County Council, Jeff Sax. Jeff is in Council District 5, south of where I live, but his seat is going to be the most hotly contested, and Republicans from all over the county are going to be supporting his campaign, even if they can't vote for him.

The Snohomish County Council is the only county council in Puget Sound with a Republican majority, and it is only 3-2. It's important not just to Snohomish residents, but to the whole region, as on a lot of issues -- like land use -- it is only this county council that stands up against the state and other special interests in support of taxpayers.

And Jeff is the one vulnerable piece in that important puzzle, and the broad support he received tonight shows how important his reelection is. Even outside the county, he is getting a lot of notable support. State Attorney General Rob McKenna was there, and former-Governor-elect Dino Rossi was going to attend, but went to DC this week. Radio talk show hosts Kirby Wilbur and Jerry Miller, Sheriff Rick Bart (who is running for Snohomish County Executive in a few years), King County Councilman David Irons (who is running for King County Executive this year), and many others major regional officials were there to support Jeff.

Too bad you missed it!

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