Mac::Glue and Tiger

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Tiger ships with Mac::Carbon and Mac::Glue. Huzzah. That's the most code I've ever written that's been included in a default OS configuration (unless Slash is included in some OS I don't know about).

Some notes:

  • Mac::Carbon requires gcc 3.3 or below, it doesn't work with gcc 4.

    I don't know why, and anyone who wants to fix this or give me clues would make me happy. For now, my personal box is using gcc 3.3 instead (sudo gcc_select 3.3), because I have no desire to try to deal with the problem.

    Of course, if using the Mac::Carbon that is already included in Tiger, you don't need to care, because it has already been built. Presumably with gcc 3.3. :-)

  • Mac::Glue doesn't include any glues. You have to create your own.

    The scripts needed to do so are included too.

        cd /System/Library/Perl/Extras/bin/
        sudo ./gluedialect
        sudo ./gluescriptadds
        sudo ./gluemac '/System/Library/CoreServices/System'
        sudo ./gluemac /System/Library/CoreServices/

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