Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean, Revisited

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I would look pretty damned prescient, except that lots of other people could see this coming from miles away, too. It's pathetic that the Democrats who put him there couldn't see it, though.

In case you missed it, in recent weeks he has been talking again. His recent one was saying DeLay should go back to Texas to serve his jail sentence (even though DeLay has not even been charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime). Even Barney Frank said Dean went way over the line on that one.

A few months ago he said he hates Republicans and that they are brain dead. Now, he says "a lot of [Republicans] have never made an honest living in their lives."

Keep it up, Dean. Keep ignoring my advice. Keep alienating the people whom you might try to win over to your side of the aisle. No skin off my nose ... but if I were a Democrat, I would be Dean-screaming all the way to the DNC HQ to get him to resign. He's just awful. For the Democrats.

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