Don't Makes Blogslap Youse

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Stop using the word "blog" appended to everything. Better yet, stop using the word entirely. But if you must use it, stop using it compounded with everything. Blogshut blogup.

Remember how we all laughed at the retarded monkeys who called everything "e-foo?" You laughed at them, just like I did. So why you wanna go turn into one of them? And you sound like a computer nerd version of Sal from Futurama, who famously remarked, "Theres. The world's drinkings water is safes for another days." Except that he's funny.

And while I'm on the subject, check out this Einstein. He wants to make a "documentary about the fullness of the magnificent human spirit as exhibited in blogs." (Feel free to laugh now, before I even get to the punchline.) His post starts saying how great for mankind discussion web sites are, arguing about what to call his movie about them.

We all know that only goodness and mercy and happy bunnies happen on discussion web sites. Duh. What could be the problem?

Well, someone made him mad, by being a jerk. The short of it is that he reaches the conclusion: "This I would have expected of Hollywood, not independent filmmakers, and certainly not the blogosphere!"

You mean ... the "blogosphere" is just like REAL LIFE? That there isn't a place on Earth where everything is perfect? That if I live in Jonestown, I might end up dead?

Stick that in your blogpipe and blogsmoke it, blogwankers.

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