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In the recent governor election contest, the judge took away four votes from Rossi, because four felons testified for the Democrats that they voted -- illegally -- for Rossi.

Some people are saying this is meaningful, because Rossi lost votes. But it's not. The Democrats scoured and found only those four people to try to make a bogus point about the statistical method the GOP was using. The Republicans didn't even bother trying, because the case could not be won or lost that way.

But worse was that their word was trusted at all. The felons had three options:
  • Tell the truth about whom they voted for. This hurts themselves by taking away their vote, and hurts the candidate they voted.

  • Say nothing. This neither hurts nor helps anyone.

  • Lie about whom they voted for. This gives them, effectively, two votes, as they steal a vote from a legal voter for the other candidate, and lets their own vote stand.

The judge and Democratic lawyers actually believe the felons would come clean, despite having no reason to do so, and every reason to simply not testify, or -- if they are so inclined -- lie.

It brings to mind the old crucifixion sketch from Life of Brian.

Lawyer: Gregoire voter?
Felonious Gregoire Voter: Er, no, Rossi actually.
Lawyer: What?
Voter: Yeah, they said since I voted for Rossi, a vote for him would be taken away.
Lawyer: Oh, I say, that's very nice. Well, then.
Voter: No, I'm just pulling your leg, it's Gregoire, really.

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