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The King County Democrats have this notice on their web site:

The Democratic Party wants Democrats to get involved. We will actually have a more open process than the Republicans. The Democratic Party will be using our Precinct Committee Officers, which are elected by their neighbors every even-numbered year. The Republicans will be using the caucus style system, which is highly Party driven on the Republican side and limited in the number of people who are allowed to participate.

The problem is that for the Republicans, all PCOs are automatic delegates to the convention, and in addition anyone else can be elected as a delegate at the caucus. How this makes the Democrats more open is a mystery.

The funny thing is that their method is more republican, while the Republican method is more democratic.

Not that it's a contest: I noticed before the caucuses that the Democrats had a more closed process. But they're playing the iron pot, calling the stainless steel kettle black.

I went to the District 1 caucus for Snohomish County a few weeks ago. Mostly PCOs were in attendance, so we didn't do much, especially considering our nominated candidate will surely be the incumbent, John Koster. However, there were non-PCOs there (including spouses and children of PCOs), and we elected them as delegates, and we even appointed some new PCOs in the process, so it wasn't a complete waste.

The Snohomish GOP convention is next Saturday, June 18. We'll also have our regular "central committee" meeting at that time. The King County GOP convention is June 11, and the King County Dems are on June 28.

The Snohomish County Dems (which also have only the PCOs at convention) were on June 4, where they selected Marian Harrison to face Koster, and Dave Somers to face incumbent Jeff Sax in District 5. Not to show disrespect, but Harrison appears to be not much of a candidate (just as the GOP candidate in District 4 won't have much of a chance against the Democrat incumbent), but Somers will be formidable, so most of the weight of the county party will go toward helping Sax.

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