Sith Worst SW EVAR

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(Spoilers below.)

Sith was just a terrible movie. Sorry. I went in thinking I would like it. I didn't.

Maybe if the climactic seen of the entire six-movie series weren't the least believable scene in any movie of recent memory, I'd have liked the movie as a whole. But it completely ruined any suspension of believe I'd had to that point, and it went downhill from there.

"Oh no, I have done the most terrible thing, I've killed a master Jedi! Woe is me! So ... want me to kill more? Including all the kids? Sure, why not?"

It ruined the rest of the movie. Completely incredible.

And all that crap about the politics was stupid too. They go into this whole thing about how people with power won't give it up, and then "hey Senators, I am taking away your power" is met with a standing ovation?

And that nonsense about "if you're not with me, you're my enemy" and "only Sith deal in absolutes," except clearly it is the Sith who are the relativists (open your mind to all possibilities) and the Jedi are the absolutists (Sith are evil, the Dark Side is evil, there are things you must not do, period). It made no sense except as a dig at Bush (where it makes no sense there either, as Bush is no absolutist, having befriended China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan ...).

The movie was just bad. There was a lot of good in it, but so much bad that it just completely took me out of the movie, and that's the sign of a bad movie. I didn't even mind the stupid Franken-Vader NOOOOO thing at the end because by that time I was completely divested and just waiting for it to end.

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