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Some people seem to have a problem with me saying no government employees should be able to tell my children about sex, including, but not limited to, sex ed in public schools.

I don't understand how people can say they want the government "out of my bedroom," and then invite the government into their children's bedrooms. I agree the government should not be able to have anything to do with the sex life of private citizens, that laws regarding such are unreasonable. I don't see how this does not extend to our children as well.

It seems entirely perverse to me.

Yes, of course there are health concerns with unprotected sex. Does this justify government intrusion into your own sexual behavior? If not, then why does it justify intrusion into that of your kids?

You may like government telling your kids about the most intimate activity they will ever have. I think no one but my child's parents have the right or responsibility to do so. I know that saying something that is patently obvious to most people is crazy-talk here on Slashdot, but so be it.

Next up: Sally's teacher explains the proper method for kneeling during Sunday mass, so she doesn't get sore calves!

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