Political Party Trivia

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John Quincy Adams was elected to the Senate as a Federalist, the Presidency as a Democrat, and the House as a Whig.

Although, he was only a Democrat in name, which is why he wasn't one to begin with, and why he didn't remain one. There was really no other party at the time worth speaking of: four candidates got at least 13 percent of the "popular vote" for President in 1824, and all were from the same party. And as such, he really had no party to support him in Congress (just like his father, who was a Federalist in name, but didn't get much Federalist support).

Adams I was elected because at the time, parties were not an integral part of the process. Adams II was elected because there was only one party, and it was so close that it was thrown to the House, because no one had a majority in the electoral college. Jackson (who won decisively in 1828) had a plurality, but Adams won the House vote.

Apart from Washington and the two Adamses, can anyone think of another "President without a Party"? All three were caused by a combination of circumstances (no real strong party system, or a one-party system) and personalities (Washington rose above parties, where the Adamses were fiercely independent and didn't fit into a party mold). slashdot.org

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