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A bunch of people on IRC were talking about the passage of the flag burning amendment in the House, and providing this as evidence that Bush shouldn't be President, because this amendment is so stupid, and therefore only stupid people voted for Bush.

Of course, as most readers of my journal know, the President has nothing whatsoever to do with amending the Constitution, except that he can talk about it, like anyone else, and to my knowledge he has not even done that (I'd welcome links to show otherwise; I'll check tomorrow's WH press briefing to see if someone brings it up).

It's a common theme: most of the people who say Bush and Bush voters are stupid actually know less about law and government and political philosophy than most of the people I know who did vote for Bush, and certainly know a lot less than Bush himself knows.

They're like the people who criticize others for "mispelling" a word. slashdot.org

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