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I first read the famed OT VIII document in the early 90s, from a source I won't name, who got it from a source he wouldn't name.

The Church of Scientology says it is a fake, a forgery. However, they have fought very hard to prevent it from being published, and have claimed they own the copyright on it, and have essentially prevented its distribution (thank God for the Dutch!). Odd thing to do for a fake. Odd for them to claim copyright if they didn't, you know, write it.

Basically, this is where Elron claims Jesus was a pedophile and that he, himself, is the Antichrist. Good stuff, really!

The basic point, though, is to remember that when Tom Cruise says he knows the history of psychiatry, think: "Lucifer is a mythical representation of the Galactic Confederacy."

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