Giving up on Jon Stewart

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For the second night in a row, Jon Stewart has told his guest that what he was interested in was not important, was irrelevant.

With Bernard Goldberg, he said Goldberg's book -- a slightly tongue-in-cheek, but serious, book about how various people (mostly liberals) harm the country -- was bad because there are so many more important things to care about. And yet interviewing a guy because he feels he is shut out from being a porn star because he is Asian is of primary importance.

Something tells me if the book were about conservatives who harm America, Jon wouldn't have been so combative and defensive. He might have even said the book actually was important.

Last night, he told Michael Isikoff that it was irrelevant who broke the law, that all that matters if that Rove or McClellan lied to the public. The rest doesn't matter.

When on Crossfire awhile back, Jon went after the hosts, saying he was not just a monkey to dance for us. Well, you know what? That's all I want you to be. You're a smart guy, but you're not brilliant, and I neither need nor want you to be a pundit. I just want you to entertain me.

When did you start believing your own hype? Get over yourself and dance, monkey, because I can get far more intelligent and rational and informative news elsewhere. I don't watch you to get your opinion.

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