This is about our courts! It is not a time for integrity!

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NARAL is running one of the most deceptive ads I've seen in many years. They show an abortion clinic being blown up (sir!), and a woman injured by it, and then show that John Roberts was named on a brief that supported the right of people to protest at abortion clinics.

Never mind that Roberts did so as part of his job under the first President Bush, that he was not even the primary submitter of the brief (Kenneth Starr was; Roberts was his deputy), that it happened eight years before the bombing, and that it in no way aimed to protect anyone who would commit violent acts.

This would be as dishonest as describing lynchings, and then saying the ACLU protected the rights of the KKK to speak freely, so the ACLU must be stopped! Actually, this is a lot more dishonest, because the KKK killed and injured far more innocent people than anti-abortion extremists; because it is not (in the collective U.S. view) inherently wrong to protest against abortion, while racism is inherently wrong; and because one cannot reasonably conclude this brief even reflects Roberts' own views.

I'm not even sure why I am spending time rebutting the ad: maybe because I figure it is possible some people won't see through its implicative lies.

I am not going to get too much into this Roberts thing, I hope, and this is exactly why: he is almost sure to be confirmed, and the far left extremists and their politicians will say and do anything to try to prevent it, including lying about his record, lying about the Constitution's requirements, lying about the history of judicial confirmations, and so on.

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