Robert Moog

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In memory of the late Robert Moog, who just died, I offer Andy Moog Meets Robert Moog, a song by The Zambonis about the coming together of the hockey goalie and the synthesizer genius.

Andy Moog Meets Robert Moog

He started a band
And they were good
Then he put on the pads
Andy Moog, Andy Moog

He worked in his lab
As hard as he could
Then he started a fad
Robert Moog, Robert Moog

Boston, Dallas, Montreal
The fans all love to see him kick and sprawlin' on the ice
He's always makin' the big save
Andy Moog, Andy Moog

For Robert, fun is a soldering gun
Circuit boards and modulating chords
He never made it over the boards
Robert Moog, Robert Moog

One uses patch cords
The other wears pads
Robert Moog
Andy Moog
Robert Moog
Andy Moog
Robert Moog

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