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During discussion about inadequate enforcement of infractions in professional sports, it was noted that in the NBA, they call everything (well, except for travelling), but the fouls are still committed. Obviously, this is because the penalty for the foul is insufficiently high to encourage the participants to NOT foul.

So my idea: get rid of all free throws. A shooting foul becomes a scoring foul. You foul me on a two-point shot? I get two points. On a three? I get three.

Take away the very point of the foul, and they won't foul anymore. This won't disrupt the game like ejections or timed suspensions (like hockey) would do; they would merely remove the reason for fouling.

A friend noted he likes that the ability to shoot from the line is part of the game, and offered one point, plus the shots. I counter: the points, plus one shot.

Also, when a team gets over the foul limit, you could give automatic one point + one shot, or two points. Or two points and one shot. Any of those is fine with me.

If they did this, I maybe could watch basketball again.

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