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So I am watching one of the best tennis matches I've seen in a long time on the USA network on DirecTV. Agassi vs. Blake. Blake wins first two sets 6-3. Agassi wins next two, 6-3. Tied 4-4 in the fifth.

Then they decide to stop showing it on USA and switch to CBS. Except it is not on CBS, "Rock Star" is. (Incidentally, some chick was getting booted off the show, and she and these other dudes and chicks -- bandmates? -- were totally crying, which is about as un-rock as it gets.)

And the worst part of it is that USA went away to show LAW AND ORDER SVU RERUNS. Freaking *RERUNS*.

What probably happened is that on the east coast they decided to switch to CBS, but on the west coast they didn't, and I get a local (west coast) CBS feed, and the national (default: east coast) USA feed.

But so do millions of other DirecTV viewers.

Amateruish idiots. use.perl.org

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