Ortiz for MVP

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"Despite having homered in five of seven games going into last night, the numbers may lean away from Big Papi. Leading all of baseball with 118 RBIs and the group with 36 doubles, he trails A-Rod in nearly every other power category -- 40 homers to 36, .317 to .291 batting average, .608 to .583 slugging percentage."

That was Sept. 4. Now, Ortiz has a .302 avg (to A-Rod's .320), 46 homers (to his 45), and .621 slugging (to his .609). He still leads in doubles (38-26) and RBI (140-120), walks (93-83), and is only slightly trailing OPS (1.018 to 1.029). Those increases are after only 2.5 weeks. The man's on a mission.

Yes, Ortiz is "only" a DH. But he is the best DH in history, and has redefined clutch hitting, and is the reason the Sox have a chance at the playoffs this year. If the Sox do make the playoffs, he is the clear choice to become the first DH to win MVP.

I don't care about how dumb you think the DH is. It exists, and the MVP goes to the player who helps his team the most, and that is David Ortiz. use.perl.org

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