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Maybe you do not understand how someone who has never been a judge could sit on the Supreme Court. That's fine. No reason why you should understand that.

But trust me when I say that when you speak of the circumstance as though it is a crazy thing, that it shouldn't happen, that Bush is stupid or evil for doing it, makes you look dumb. Because you are, in fact, ignorant, and the more strongly you express your ignorance the more dumb you look.

About a third of our Supreme Court justices have had no previous experience as a judge (including chief justices William Rehnquist and Byron White). Miers, in this regard, is not an exception. And in fact, many in the Senate -- in both parties -- were hoping for someone who wasn't a judge to be nominated.

So fine, don't understand how someone who is not a judge could serve on the Supreme Court. But realize your lack of understanding doesn't change the fact that there's nothing unusual or wrong about it, and expressing your lack of understanding in strong terms pretty much just makes you look stupid.

(Note: I am not saying Miers is a good choice; I don't know much about her, and have no opinion at this time. I'm just saying if she is a bad choice, it is not for lack of experience as a judge.)

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