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We put up reskeys (formkeys replacement) on journals. There was a Slashdot-specific file that was not updated, so for like 5-10 minutes, you couldn't post new journal entries. I checked to see who was affected, and cyranoVR was one of the two, so I checked back later to make sure he could post now, and sure enough, he did.

I only mention this post because I see a lot of people use this same "argument": we shouldn't just confirm whoever the President wants, without full questioning! That's a nice argument, except that no one of any consequence is arguing the contrary position. The President and the Senate are all committed to a complete and thorough hearing process, where no question is off-limits.

(Maybe Bush would prefer her to get a quick pass with no real questioning, but he knows that is not how it works, and hasn't said or done anything to try to force her through in such a manner.)

Of course, there's much debate over what questions should be answered, but not what should be asked, or how much should be asked. It's simply not an issue, at all.

Further, moreso even than with Roberts, both the right and the left are going to want to grill Miers. The Republicans do not want to give her a pass, they want to make sure she is going to be good before they vote for her; Senators think long term better than most people, and they won't approve of a Senator just because she is the President's choice and may be pro-life/anti-Roe, if it also means she will strike down a whole slew of laws the Senate passes, etc. And it goes without saying that the same holds true for the Democrats.

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