I'm Gonna Get Me a Shotgun and Kill All the Whiteys I See

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So this black activist, Kamau Kambon, thinks the white man wants to kill off the black man. Alrighty.

He talks at about 3:33:00 into the four-hour stream. That's where the quotes from the article are from, like the ones where he says the white man should be exterminated. He was serious too: I thought maybe it was a silly Bill Bennett-like intellectual exercise. But nope, he meant it.

A few hours earlier in the stream, at 0:34:30, he talked too, and was even crazier: he actually said: "I have a new book that was just published, and it's entitled: 'A Secret Letter Smuggled Out of America to the Chairman of North Korea.' And the purpose of this book is to explain that we need a external ally outside of the shores of this country. And we need a external ally that has supreme power and nuclear capability."

Combining that with his later comment that "we have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet," and it's clear this guy is pretty sick.

He's been a visiting professor at NCSU since 2003. I think his time there is probably at an end. He may even end up in jail for his clear calls for genocide. slashdot.org

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