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Apple still won't learn that shared music is not evil music. iMovie and iPhoto have never worked with shared playlists in iTunes. iTunes doesn't even work properly with shared playlists: you can't get artwork from them, you can't use them with your "Party Shuffle," and so on.

And now Front Row too doesn't work with shared playlists. Because why would you want to keep your music on a central server and share it through the house, especially from a server to the computer connected to your TV?

Yes, I am well aware that I can use file sharing to load in the library, but that is lame for many reasons, most of which have to do with the fact that it is constantly more work to keep it running. The server goes down, you add new music on the server end, and so on. Multiply this by the several computers I might have connected to the server at once, and it's just not a good option.

Another problem with Front Row is that they don't show very many characters on the screen for the titles and such. I know they want to make it readable, and are considering low-res NTSC TVs, but I would use this on HD monitors. And it sucks.

My happening script, which runs in the background and sets my iChat status etc., generates neat pictures for the Mac OS X screen saver that look like this. I prefer this -- combined with IR remote control support for iTunes through Keyspan, and a Bluetooth mouse handy -- to Front Row for now.

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