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The more I think about it, the more I think McCain is the only real Republican choice for 2008, should he choose to run, and for a very simple reason: I think he's the only Republican who can either beat Hillary, or rein in federal spending. And I think he will do both.

Also, I was just informed by a friend that McCain just came out and said that we should not make torture illegal: the one in a million chance that it might be the right thing to do doesn't justify making it legal. If it's necessary, do it illegally, and take responsibility for it later.

Like Bush (and me), he thought threatening and even using force was a reasonable course of action. But he recognized a lot of mistakes being made, and even said so at the time. It took both intelligence and guts to speak out how he did, as very few other congresspeople spoke out as well he did, on either side of the aisle.

And on social issues ... why do people think Bush is more conservative? He's really not. People think Bush is the conservative one, but it's hard to figure out why. Maybe because they are not the issues he talks about most? Maybe because he doesn't nastily attack people or views he disagrees with? Regardless, this has been good for McCain, because it means the press and left have not made him out to be a rightwing monster, though it's hurt him in the party.

Even in the mess over judicial nominees, McCain is viewed as a villain in his own party, even though he is the man most responsible (after Bush) for getting those conservative judges on the bench, through his work with the "Gang of 14," and he has supported every single conservative nominee that Bush has offered.

I like McCain better than Bush on most issues, he is more conservative than Bush, he's smarter, he has more ability to get things done and bring people together, I think he will beat Hillary ... the only problem is his age and health. We'll see.

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