Parental Notification

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Here's a letter in response to some other letter. This is an issue that's bugged me for awhile, because of the clear attack it represents against parental rights.

The recent letter against parental notification for children wishing to have abortions is disingenuous.

There is no doubt that a serious concern in such matters is those situations when the parent is the cause of the pregnancy. But parental notification laws make exceptions in such cases, by allowing judges to intervene. To be against a law for a reason that is already taken into account makes little sense.

Indeed, even without such explicit exceptions, a judge can and should in such cases remove the child from the parent's custody, in which case parental notification would be moot anyway.

Abortion is not just something people do for fun: it is a serious medical procedure. A parent, guardian, or the court must nececssarily be involved before a doctor is allowed to perform any non-emergency medical procedure on a child, whether it's removal of tonsils or a fetus.

Children are not responsible for themselves. That responsibility falls to parents and guardians alone, and in a civilized society, only a court may revoke it. Down the parent-less abortion path lies the dissolution of all parental rights.

In the zeal to push the pro-choice agenda, take care to not throw out the proverbial baby with the real one.

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