Anti-Alito Commercial

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Just saw on CNN. It closes with the tagline, "The right wing has already taken over the West Wing; don't let them take over your Supreme Court."

Whose Supreme Court, now? Do they mean the citizens of the U.S.? The ones who voted for Bush, knowing full well that he promised to nominate justices like Scalia and Thomas?

Is this the best the anti-Alito forces can do?

They call themselves, as if they actually want an "independent" court. No, they want a court that is beholden to their own left-wing ideology. Which is fine, but it is not fine to lie about it and say you want an "independent" court that "cares more about how the law affects ordinary Americans than partisan ideology," when such partisan ideology is precisely what they do care about: every single one of their coalition members is an official of a prominent left-wing organization.

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