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Amen, brotha.

His characterizations do not represent our family exactly, but it's pretty close. We are no extremists, wishing to close off our children from the world. Our concern on these grounds are more allowing the line of "achiev[ing] consistent moreal training," as well as avoiding the silly politics of public education, which just get in the way.

I probably don't love learning as much as most professors do -- though we do love it -- and we certainly don't love to teach as much as they do. But these are our children, and we teach them all day long, every day.

Also, our memories of our own public education were not as traumatic as theirs, though they were traumatic. I was teased a lot in junior high, but I eventually got past it through force of will. My wife and I are of personality types that we don't let the haters get us down, for the most part, but the negativity still is a drag, even if it is not traumatic, and why expose my child to that? Then there's the academic trauma: either being bored, or being overwhelmed. Either way, you end up resenting the whole affair.

Without a doubt, the biggest reason we homeschool is to provide far greater educational opportunity with far less wasted time. But a clear second is to simply avoid the negativity -- both social and academic -- that almost inevitably comes from public school.

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