Election Fraud

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We just found out this weekend that the GOP candidate lost the Snohomish County Council race as the result of election fraud.

OK, we don't know for sure that it made the difference, but it is quite likely: everyone believes Stephens (the one who ran illegally) "took" a lot more votes from Sax than from Somers, including Stephens himself. And Stephens even admitted he is planning on moving anyway (which raises the question: why run for office in a county you were planning on moving from?).

There's a lot of unanswered questions, but one thing is simple, and obviously true: if a candidate runs for office runs illegally, and got enough votes to change the result of the election, then that calls the result into question. "Duh." The question is what the law can, or should, do about it.

I won't say whether Terwilliger's a "flaming liberal" as Sax said, but certainly his judgment in not overturning the election is to be questioned, because he has a vested interest in having Sax lose. His biggest issue this year was to go to all-mail voting in the county (which is a de facto violation of my rights, but that's another discussion); the Republican majority on the Council prevented it, and with Somers the victor over Sax, it seems likely that he will now get what he wants.

Note that Terwilliger has the same name as the evil Simpsons villain, "Sideshow" Bob Terwilliger. Coincidence? slashdot.org

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