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There are many types of political divisions in Washington. The most basic unit is the precinct, which may contain as many as 800 registered voters.

Precincts then make up counties and municipalities, as well as various voting districts: Legislative Districts (which make up the state legislature), Congressional Districts (for the federal legislature), County Council Districts (for the county council), and so on.

Those latter districts overlap, and are based on population. So there are five County Council districts in Snohomish County, and those overlap with the seven LDs, which overlap with the two Congressional Districts.

I live in Snohomish County and am in the 39th LD, the second CD, and the first council district. Some people in King County are also in the 39th LD and second CD.

The political parties are also organized at the most basic level by precinct, and also at the county level, and then at the state level. But there needs to be a level of organization between precinct and county, and the level chosen is LD; so in the end, you have four different 39th LD organizations, one in each of the four counties it stretches across.

I imagine they chose LD because it is the smallest uniform unit across the state; not every county needs to have a county council, or be organized by districts.

So, I do my work with the 39th Legislative District Republican Committee of Snohomish County.

This month, our chairman resigned. We will have an election for a new permanent chair in January. In the meantime, the county chair has appointed me as temporary chair of the 39th.

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