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Logic is a music app, with an interface that is just terrible, in many ways. The graphical bits were mostly cleaned up by Apple for Logic Pro 7 (the first new version since they bought Logic), but many other bits are still just bizarre.

Consider this:

Automatic Text Selection

If a "*" is used as first character in the text, all marker text will automatically be selected when the Marker Text window is opened. This facility allows existing text to be overwritten immediately.

What is this, perl?

(I am reading the entire manual. Mostly, because the app is so hard to figure out, and has so many little special cases. The book is about Camel-sized too, over 700 pages. I imagine I'll skip some sections later on, for things I don't currently care about, like the Score Editor, and Perl 6. I'm on page 161.) use.perl.org

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