Some Football Stats

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This season's Super Bowl is only the fourth to be played in February. The Patriots have won every Super Bowl ever played in February. (The February 2002 Super Bowl was initially to be held in January, though; the attacks of 2001-09-11 bumped the date back).

Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game.

The Patriots will play in the Wild Card round this year. Tom Brady has never played in the Wild Card round.

The Patriots have won five of the nine playoff game they've played in their three Super Bowl runs by exactly three points. The two games each against Pittsburgh and Indianapolis were all won by more than three points.

No team has ever won three Super Bowls in a row. Seven have won two in a row, and Pittsburgh did it twice. Only Pittsburgh has won four in six years, and only New England and Dallas have won three in four years. No team has ever won four in five years.

Bonus stat: Mike Vrabel tonight became the first player in NFL history to score a TD on each of his first six career receptions. Coming into this season, he had three career receptions, two of which were in the Super Bowl.

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