Intel Macs Break Included Software

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It looks like Intel Macs do not properly send Apple events using the included Mac::Carbon library (which I maintain). This, from the command line, should bring the Finder to the front:

perl -MMac::AppleEvents::Simple -e 'do_event(qw/misc actv/, { bund => q[] })'

It's equivalent to this AppleScript:

tell application "Finder" to activate

Much of Mac::Carbon does work fine, but ... this doesn't work at all. I don't know if it is due to a bug in the Intel Macs, or a changed behavior, or a bug in my code (most likely in AESend(), in AppleEvents.xs).

That also means Mac::Glue doesn't work.

I don't have real access to an Intel Mac, so I have no hope of fixing it anytime soon.

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