DNC Chair Dean Says Almost All Republicans Did Nothing Wrong

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Howard Dean is so great. And I mean that in a positive way. For me. Not him.

DEAN: There's two points to this. First of all, actually, we -- the DNC actually got $100,000-some odd (from Abramoff affiliates). Now, I can assure you Jack Abramoff never directed that money. It is possible that some of Jack Abramoff's clients may have decided on their own to give Democrats money. The key is ...

WALLACE: I'm sorry, did you say, I'm sorry. Did you say that you're sure that Abramoff didn't direct them to give that money?

DEAN: No, what I said was that it is possible that some Democrats got money from some of the -- yeah. No, what I'm saying is that Abramoff may not have directed some of this money toward the Democrats.
(Emphasis added.)

So Abramoff did not direct that money to the Democrats. No, I didn't just say that. Yes. No. He MAY not have. Yeah. (And therefore may have.) But that's not the point, even though I brought it up!

DEAN: But the point is that not one Democrat either knew it or acted on it. Nobody got anything out of the Democrats from Jack Abramoff. No Democrat delivered anything, and there's no accusation and no investigation that any Democrat ever delivered anything to Jack Abramoff.
So if there is no accusation that an individual has delivered anything to Abramoff in exchange for money, then it is unreasonable to say that individual did anything wrong in taking money from Abramoff.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to say that any Republicans -- except, by my count, DeLay and Ney -- did anything wrong in taking money from Abramoff.

And you can tell your friends that Dean said it, not any Republican.

Of course, this is what I've been saying for awhile. I thank Howard Dean for finally coming onboard with this line of thought, now that the facts are coming out.

As to Democrats knowingly taking money from Abramofff: at least one Democrat did, Peter Deutsch of Florida, who took money from SunCruz Casinos, which has been owned by Abramoff since 1999. So it's simply not true that "no Democrat" took money directly from Abramoff.

Granted, most of the money to Democrats came through tribes, but the point is what was done, if anything, in exchange for the money, which means that the problem is with individuals, and only a very small number of them, and not the whole party.

At least, according to Dean. slashdot.org

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