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I am no NBA fan. No Kobe fan, either. But 81 points in one game is impressive.

Vince Carter didn't think so. The man who admitted to intentionally playing bad to get out of Toronto said that it shows Kobe is not a good team player.

I was at Game 4 of the 1987 Western Conference Semifinals between the Warriors and Lakers (yes, I went to a basektball game on Mother's Day, but no worries, mom went with us). Golden State won the game 129-121, on the back of 51 points by Sleepy Floyd. He scored an NBA record 39 in the second half and 29 in the fourth quarter (playoff records that still stand, I think).

During that fourth quarter, Floyd's teammates got the ball to him every chance they got. If Floyd passed the ball -- one in particular was a two-on-one breakaway -- the hometown fans booed, because it was unconscionable that a player so on fire should be so unselfish. Everyone -- except the Lakers and their fans, and maybe Floyd himself -- wanted Floyd to take every shot.

It was an amazing performance, and after experiencing it firsthand almost 20 years ago (dang!), I find it hard to accept that Kobe was doing anything wrong by taking all those shots. Especially when coming from Carter.


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