Dunshee Disingenuous

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The Democrats in Washington State rejected a very important part of the Republicans' attempts at reforming Washington sex offender law: making sure that punishment cannot be essentially bypassed for rapists and molesters of children just because they are "family" to their victims.

If the criminal is "family" -- which could even include a live-in boyfriend -- they could literally receive mere months in prison, instead of the 25-year minimum for everyone else.

We're told without SSOSA (special sex offender sentencing alternative), victims might not come forward, and we will get fewer convictions. But of what worth is a conviction when the predator will be back on the street within a year anyway?

Representative Hans Dunshee complained recently that the Republicans will never be happy no matter what the Democrats do, implying that they are merely playing politics. "Whatever we do on sex offenders, the Republicans will want to do more. ... If we want to hang them, they'll want to to hang 'em and shoot 'em."

I make this pledge to Rep. Dunshee: if he and the Democrats pass hangings for sexual predators, I promise I won't say he should be doing more. And in return for that pledge, I ask that he stops pretending the Democrats are doing enough.

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