Censorship and Democrats Defending Reid

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I saw this article. I posted this response, which was terribly fair and reasonable, but apparently brought up a few uncomfortable facts, specifically, that Reid has accused Republicans of doing far less than he himself has done. So someone deleted it.

"Now, looking at this article, how is Harry Reid implicated in any of these charges? He wasn't."

Right.  But who else has?  Ney.  That's it.

And yet the Democrats, most especially Reid, have been going around saying this is a pervasive Republican scandal, citing all the money given to Republicans, directly and indirectly, implying and sometimes stating that anyone who has received money from Abramoff in any way is crooked.

So the point is not that Reid did something wrong, but holding Reid to the same standard he's been holding the Republicans to.

Remember, it was his office who issued a report naming 33 Republicans Senators who took money from Abramoff, or Abramoff affiliates, most of whom got less money, and did less for the Abramoff clients, than did Reid.

Yes, he apologized for that later, but by now most of the damage is done: he and the Democrats have successfully planted in the minds of the public that this is a "Republican scandal."

If Reid had been all along calling for moderation, saying we should only go after people who actually did something wrong, instead of casting as wide a net as possible, then he might not have gotten himself caught up in it.

I ask you only one thing: whenever any Republican is tied to Abramoff with some information, ask yourself, "Now, looking at this information, how is this Republican implicated in any of these charges?"  Your answer will almost always be, "He wasn't."


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