Super Bowl Officiating

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It was very good. I watched every replay of a "bad" call, and there was only one bad one in the bunch: the Seahawks receiver who stepped out of bounds did, in fact, barely nick the pylon with his right leg, after getting possession and stepping in bounds with his left leg. That should have been a touchdown.

The offensive pass interference was clearly correct. He changed directions, straightened out his arm on the defensive player, and gave himself some momentum while taking away same from the other player. No question, correct call.

The hold on the lineman, same thing: the defensive player got past him, and he grabbed the guy's shoulder pad from behind. Absolutely no question, correct call.

Big Ben's touchdown, I am not entirely convinced was the right intial call, but I am 75 percent sure he got it across. But everyone seems to be telling me the video was not conclusive, so how can they be mad at the initial call, if you can't even tell from the video? Judgment call, can't tell from the video, so I have no problem with it.

And how come the Seahawks fans aren't talking about the interception and two missed field goals, without which they would have won regardless of these supposed "bad" calls?

Look, I complained about the bad call against the Patriots in the divisional playoff game, where the fumble clearly went through the end zone. However, I was quick to point out that Brady through an interception to put them in that situation, and their three other turnovers are what killed them.

The best team always wins, even with bad calls, because that's part of the game too. But in this case, the calls weren't bad anyway.

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