McCain & McGavick & Me

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It looks like I am going to a Mike McGavick fundraiser this Tuesday night. He's running against Maria Cantwell for the U.S. Senate. Senator John McCain will be the featured speaker.

I went to the Snohomoish County annual Lincoln Day Dinner last month, which features Bush's Secretary of Veteran Affairs James Nicholson. It's only the second time that I know of that I've been around the Secret Service; the first time was in the 2000 campaign when I went to a post-debate rally in Boston, that then-candidate George Bush was speaking at. It was a peewee hockey rink in Southie. We watched the debate on a screen, then Bush showed up for a few minutes.

I doubt McCain will have Secret Service, but next month, there's another fundraiser, this time for U.S. Congress candidate Doug Roulstone, and Vice President Dick Cheney will be speaking. I know Cheney doesn't need Secret Service, because he can defend himself, but I suspect they will be there anyway.

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