No, It Wasn't Me, But Almost

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I saw this site over the weekend to vote for your favorite design for the Washington state quarter.

The voting was shut down because "robots" were voting multiple times.

No, it wasn't me.

But I did think about it, because I knew other people were doing it, voting for the third design, and I think that's the worst one (I don't like the tribal theme really, plus, as someone else noted, it excludes the noncoastal tribes, and simply doesn't well-represent the whole state), so I was going to vote for the second. I like the first OK too.

Glad they figured out this was silly and pulled it. Unfortunately, the governor (note: I call her the governor!) still insists she will consider the web-based vote in the decision, which is just stupid because it is completely unscientific, even if you do find a reasonable way to exclude robots.

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