Wrongful Lawsuit

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Long story short: boy's mother dying, he calls 911. The operator thinks he is playing, and lectures him, and doesn't send help. Boy's mother dies.

Ambulance-chaser Geoffrey Fieger files two lawsuits, one for wrongful death of the mother, one for causing pain and suffering of the boy.

Both are essentially baseless. Emergency services have no obligation to help you. The end. Period. It's a terrible situation, but not an actionable one.

But to claim wrongful death? Fieger's outdone himself. Claiming that lacking to believe a boy asking for help is actually killing someone.

Of course, the real point here is that Fieger is running for Attorney General of Michigan this year, and most people probably don't understand the fact that his wrongful death lawsuit has absolutely no legal basis.

It's very scary to me that Michigan could have an Attorney General who doesn't care about the law. Oh well, I don't live there. slashdot.org

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