Physics of the Jedi Mind Trick

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Democratic strategist Kathy Allen said on local political talk show Up Front, of Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate Aaron Dixon:

You have to be credible. You have to not be an embarrassment. If you're an embarrassment as a Green member, you're not going to get any votes of the Greens.
Can Jedi Mind Tricks work over television? Maybe digital TV, but not analog, as the signal becomes too lossy?

The fact is Greens vote in strong numbers for their candidate whenever the Democratic candidate is simply unpalatable to them. And since Maria Cantwell voted for and supported the war in Iraq, Dixon will likely get a lot of votes in Washington.

Her next sentence, though, was hilarious: The Greens, if anything, won't vote. That's just as bad for Cantwell, of course ...

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