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On This Week, John Kerry rewrites history:

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was eloquent and forceful in always talking about how we needed to end this endless declassification that takes place in this city, and it has become a tool to hide the truth from Americans.
No, Senator Moynihan was always talking about how we needed to end this endless classification that takes place.

Maybe Kerry misspoke, and meant "classification." But this is the conundrum the Democrats find themselves in: they have been railing for decades about how too much information is classified, and now they are railing about how releasing some information -- which at the time it was released to the public, they welcomed -- was somehow the wrong thing.

So now Harman is reduced to saying, well, it was wrong to declassify it and release it only to one reporter, because it is unprecedented, even though 10 days later everyone had access; I suppose she means that all reporters, and therefore the entire public, should have access to all declassified information simultaneously. Or maybe the same day? If the same day is OK, why not the same week? If a week is OK, what's wrong with a week and a half? For what temporal values is the action "unprecedented", and therefore not acceptable?

In all of this confusion, it's easy to see why they can't keep their story straight, about whether they are against classification, or declassification. And I don't think the American people are any more clear about it than they are.

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