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CBS News, this week: What Scooter Libby didn't tell reporters (on July 8, 2003) is that the White House had been warned before the State of the Union speech not to use the Niger uranium claim.

This appears to be implying that this was a secret of some sort, that this was information reporters should have been told, that the White House was keeping it a secret, despite that we know the fact that the White House was warned was in the NIE excerpts given to reporters on July 18, and as we have no transcripts of any conversations on July 8, we can't know he didn't tell that to Miller or other reporters.

But this isn't new to CBS News, as they noted on July 10, 2003: Senior administration officials tell CBS News the President's mistaken claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa was included in his State of the Union address -- despite objections from the CIA.

Ignoring the fact that the White House never said the claim was mistaken, and also that the dash there is out of place, it's worthy of note that if this was such a big deal that Libby didn't tell anyone this information when he "leaked" on July 8 -- as if CBS News could possibly know that he did not -- why is it not worthy of note that someone else from the Bush administration leaked it the next day? Or that the White House itself released that information the following week?

Probably because Ed Bradley is just a terrible reporter.

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