Winnie the Pooh and Child Molesters

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I have this old 8-track of Winnie the Pooh songs sung by Frank Luther. The original recording is, I believe, from 1948. I digitized it a couple of years ago and have it in my music library.

It contains many wholesome songs for children. A song about Christopher Robin saying his prayers, another about two little bears, where there was a good bear and a bad bear.

There's also things song called "The Alchemist," that goes:

"Where are we going today?," said Pooh. So Christopher Robin told him:

There lives an old man at the top of the street
And the end of his beard reaches down to his feet
And he's just the one person I'm longing to meet
I think that he sounds so exciting

For he talks all the day to his tortoise-shell cat
And he asks about this and explains about that
And at night he puts on a big wideawake hat
And sits in the writing room, sits in the writing room, writing

So, this little boy is going to take his teddy bear and hang with an elderly recluse who makes his own drugs talks to his cat and stays up all night writing something or other (probably hanging out in children's chat rooms). Winnie the Pooh sure has changed ...

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