Stupid Mac::Glue Tricks: BBEdit Auto-Save

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Auto-save your BBEdit documents on a per-document basis. The script will keep looping every N seconds until the file is closed (or you kill the script manually).

# bb_autosave.plx - autosave for BBEdit
# save whatever is currently frontmost document when script first executes,
# every N seconds
use strict;
use warnings;
use Mac::Glue ':all';
my $bbedit   = new Mac::Glue 'BBEdit';
my $front_id = $bbedit->prop(id => document => 1, window => 1)->get;
my $front    = $bbedit->obj(document => obj_form(formUniqueID, typeLongInteger, $front_id));
my $name = $front->prop('name')->get;
print "Auto-saving document '$name'.\n";
my $sec = shift || 10;
while ($front->get) {
    sleep $sec;
print "Document closed.\n";

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