What Cliff Johnson Didn't Do For April Fool's Day

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In fall 2003, I pre-ordered the sequel to Cliff Johnson's amazing puzzle game, The Fool's Errand. It was due Halloween 2003.

Then it was due April Fool's Day, 2004. Then Halloween 2004. Then later 2004. Then July 5 2005. Then late 2005. Then April Fool's 2006. Now ... August 2006.

The title of the sequel is called, "A Fool and his Money," taken from the old phrase, "A fool and his money are soon parted." I e-mailed him:

Seriously, is the point of the game to just figure out that you're never finishing the game?
He replied:

Only in my nightmares!

My team of psychologists sez I'll be fine.
Ha-ha cute. But seriously. I already gave you money. I am not one to rush "art" or anything, but what is this, Perl 6? use.perl.org

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