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So I am looking at the Perl track for OSCON, and I am wondering where the technical sessions are.

No offense to any of the speakers or topics, because I am only speaking personally, but I don't really care about most of the non-meaty topics, like Perl Bliss and so on. And I don't care about Perl 6. Feed Aggregation is so 5 years ago. I never pay extra for the tutorials.

Setting aside the standards -- Lightning Talks and The Conway Channel -- that leaves me with What's New in Perl DBI, Devel::Cover, Plagger: Pluggable RSS/Atom Aggregation, Mason Components for Ajax, A Relational Object Driver That Doesn't Suck, and Perl Hacks You Never Knew Existed.

I don't care about feed aggregation (well, I do, but not in any new tools to deal with it), I don't use Mason (although maybe I could learn something more about how to deal with Ajax), and I sure as hell don't need another DB abstraction layer (although it might be an interesting talk anyway, at least get me thinking about issues with our own custom layer?).

So being very generous with my interest, I could go to all the above sessions, which means four sessions Wednesday, three Thursday, and one Friday.

And that's with no options for other possibilities. So if one was a dud or I decided I really didn't care about a new syndication aggregation toolkit, I'd have nothing to go to.

Of course, I might very well find sessions in the Apache and MySQL tracks. And I will likely go to OSCON and do just that, and not feel like I've wasted my time or money.

But I want to go to a Perl conference, and frankly, I don't think OSCON qualifies.

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