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This is wonderful.

A legislative panel sunk its teeth into a plan Tuesday to create a citizens panel charged with reviewing proposed initiatives to aid puzzled voters ...

Retired political scientist Ned Crosby and his wife Pat Benn in 1999 began pushing their idea for a Citizen Initiative Review program, which would make independent recommendations to voters inundated with campaign propaganda.
Note that "independent" means, as it says later on in the article, that it "would be housed under the Secretary of State's Office and overseen by a nine-member board of appointees. The program would operate on $500,000 a year of state money." That is, it is independent of everyone except for the state government.

Why do all this?

Trust in the media to explain issues is slipping and too much of the information provided in the voter's guide is written by campaigns, so plain-spoken recommendations from ordinary citizens would offer a new level of credibility, Benn said.
So because we do not trust the media to tell us how to vote, we should therefore trust ... the government? The lack of trust in government is why we have an initiative process in the first place, and now they want the government to make official recommendations on the initiatives, and put them on the ballot.

And no, they are not kidding. They really believe this is a reasonable thing.

What's really underlying this, of course, is that a lot of liberals think they and the government know better than the people do, so when a ballot initiative passes, it must be because the people weren't properly informed, so obviously, the people need the liberals to tell them how to think and vote.

Of course, my right to vote was stolen from me, so they obviously don't really care what I think anyway.

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