Filibuster Immigration Proposal

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I am no big fan of the filibuster. But if ever there was a good use of it, this would be it. The majority of the GOP Senators who are against this bill, it seems to me, probably have enough votes to filibuster it. There are several egregiously bad portions to this bill, including Social Security benefits for illegal aliens, which passed by a single vote. There was also an amendment, defeated 55-40, that would have required securing of the border before any guest worker provisions went into effect.

A GOP filibuster would be great for the party's chances this November, apart from also perhaps improving the legislation at hand: while you normally don't want to stick it to your own party's President, the fact is, in this case, the party faithful is unhappy with the President on this issue, and they might very well stay home rather than support a do-nothing GOP majority who won't even stand up on this issue, that they almost all agree on.

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