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Lots of fixes for the Discussion2 beta. Nothing too obvious by looking at it, but it should work properly on IE7 beta and non-Mac Firefox now.

It does not work in IE6.

It does not work in Opera, because of an odd bug in how Opera parses object literals in JavaScript: numeric keys are restricted to 2^23, and our cids are greater than that. (I filed a bug report, it's bug-207597, but I have no way of knowing if or when they plan to fix it.)

It does not work in iCab 3 beta, because of what I suspect is improper CSS implementation.

We can work around the problems remaining in Opera, but I would prefer they fix their bug. I don't think we will bother with iCab, and the three people who use it. I like iCab and all, but we're busy ... patches welcome. Hopefully they can fix it on their end.

IE6 is, of course, the biggie. I have no idea how and if we can get it working on IE6. That IE7 works properly is great, because it means a. IE6 is the problem, not us, and b. it will be fixed in the next version. But ... can Slashdot wait for Microsoft?

Beyond all this, the CSS was made a lot more sane and proper, and I changed a lot of the JavaScript behavior, using plenty of feedback from users. So, thanks. Still in progress though ... hopefully soon we can open it up to more users than just subscribers.

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