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That Fire District 18 election I was complaining about before ... I today found something that is at least on par in terms of badness, if not worse, with the same election. I today got around to looking at the numbers, and 1300 out of 3957 registered voters voted, but only 1099 votes were counted. 200 of the 201 missing votes were in one precinct.

I thought maybe 200, being a nice round number, was added by mistake. But you take away 200 and you get only 4.5 percent voter turnout, which is unreasonable, given the 28-37 percent in the other precincts.

And considering 200 votes are simply missing, and my right to vote (along with others) was taken away, and the difference in the election was only 37 votes ... something has to happen.

I've notified the chairman of the county GOP, my county councilman, and the elections manager at the County Auditor, whom I have little faith in, given the misinformation, negligience, and unresponsiveness she's been involved with. But perhaps something will be looked into in this. There should be a do-over.

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