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I got a loaner Intel Mac mini from Apple for the next month (thanks!) to port Mac::Carbon. The first patch I've got reduced the number of test failures from 79/199 to 57/199. A lot more left to do, plus, I was informed that four-char-codes are SOMETIMES taken in network byte order, and sometimes in native order, and that it changes on a per-API basis.

Well, I've been wanting to improve the test suite coverage for Mac::Carbon, so this may be my opportunity ...

There is a screw loose inside the Mac. A little black screw. I can see it through the vents on the base of the unit. I shan't upend it, especially while power is connected, I suppose.

I am connecting to the box via VNC and ssh. I installed ceno on it so I can easily open files to BBEdit on my PowerBook. No need to bother using the maching directly, although if I have time before I send it back, I'll install some games etc. on it to give it a whirl.

I'll be giving a talk on porting Mac::Carbon at YAPC.

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